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Ahavat alNour

Essence Yéménite

Essence Yéménite is the fruit of an artistic process and research that Marie Trezanini has acomplished in relation to the folkloric music of Yemen. Through music and dance we travel between the traditional and the contemporary. Stage direction by Julien Blais.

Monde un Chemin Vers Soi - Marie Trezanini

« Monde » Un Chemin Vers Soi

Marie Trezanini proposes us an original multidisciplinary show dealing with the theme of identity, from the sense of not belonging to self-fulfilment. Through lyrics, songs and dance, she invites us to open our frontiers, making us discover songs from various cultures - Colombian, Flamenco, Tzigane, Amerindian - in order to get back to the core of our own humanity. The goal is to get the public to be in touch with their heart, feelings and experiences, and to question themselves about other cultures. « Monde » is a long-term project, still in developing process, allowing different artists to collaborate each time….

An Air of Gold - Marie Trezanini

An Air of Gold

The show « An Air of Gold » aims to touch the roots of humanity in each of us and to carry us out of our cultural borders. Pop music with oriental flavour, most of its lyrics are sung in English. The subjects explored are self-development, the recognition of one's own strength, and breaking through our own limitations to make more space for self confidence... «An Air of Gold» is an inspiration for hope, perseverance and the quest for ourselves...

À Saveurs Orientales - Marie Trezanini

À Saveurs orientales

« À Saveurs orientales » is a show that features the musical richness of the East. We experience the festive folklore of Yemen and the Maghreb, we inebriate ourselves with khalijis rythmes as we savour today's popular music from Lebanon, Algeria and Egypt. Author, composer and interpret, Marie Trezanini offers original compositions made up of captivating melodies and dances - which all make for a festive and sensual show! Exotic, colourful and energetic, this show is a trip under the sun which marries traditional chants and popular music.