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NASHAQ - Love song and poetry from the Orient in the Mediterranean

NASHAQ "The kiss" in Aramaic: Breathe together

More than a word, it's a concept that illustrates the preciousness of the encounter with the other. NASHAQ in Aramaic means the kiss, both in its carnal and spiritual aspect. The exchange of breath in the act of kissing symbolizes the exchange of ideas, values... It is the meeting of two consciousnesses. From a societal point of view, it's breathing together and harmonizing with those around us. I tend through my artistic approach to bring together and harmonize what may seem to be in opposition. NASHAQ conveys a plurality of languages including Arabic, greak, Aramaic, Turkish, Ladino, Farsi and helps nurture a common sense of belonging: our humanity.

Musicians : Clémence Mebsout, cello (France), Samuel Wornom, percussions (France) and Hédia Chaffai, Qanun (France) - Mohammed El'egimy (Egypte)

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Essence Yemenite

"Mysterious poems, a journey to the music during the day, or the sound harmonize with the folkloric, the Arabic language with the language. .and the human senses rejoin the sacré senses."

"Essence Yemenite" is a cultural and musical journey, where the sacred harmonizes with the profane. Fruit of an artistic approach and research, Marie Trezanini revisits the traditional repertoire with original compositions and arrangements to bring about a unique regard for the influences of traditions and époques.

A visual projection; (according to the broadcaster's technical means) the spectator is invited to visually experience this culture, by discovering video support and the photos projected during the show.



"Sparkling pop/world fusion, through oriental and Celtic melodies, on a folk song base".

A show of original compositions that take root in the heart of African, flamenco, Arab, Jewish-Yemeni, Latin, Balkan and Celtic music. Humanist texts highlight strengths and vulnerabilities, revealing the path from exile to self-knowledge.

Marie Trezanini offers us a unique musical experience, rich from her numerous travels; Cuba, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Morocco, India, Mexico, Spain, Portugal. A show punctuated by instrumental episodes, which give way to the grace of feminine sensuality and give depth and breath to these musical stops.

"Monde" is a nomadic project which has been rebuilt and lived in several countries; Canada, Ivory Coast, India, France. Rich in collaborations and sound experiments, it is a show that exists in duo, trio, quartet, quintet and sextet.


Jazz en Voyage

"This nomadic, crystalline voice has the experience of the sacred of oriental songs but also the sensual roundness that takes us into the depths of Jazz."

Jazz while traveling means disconnecting and experiencing through different languages and varied musical stops. Marie Trezanini offers us the comforting atmosphere of Jazz standards, while opening our horizons to traditional songs that she has re-arranged. We rub shoulders with ancestral traditions with Ladino, Persian, Arab-Andalusian songs, including sensual bossas, while vibrating with essential blues. All supported by a most refined soundscape, piano, oud, percussion.

An Air of Gold - Marie Trezanini

An Air of Gold

The show « An Air of Gold » aims to touch the roots of humanity in each of us and to carry us out of our cultural borders. Pop music with oriental flavour, most of its lyrics are sung in English. The subjects explored are self-development, the recognition of one's own strength, and breaking through our own limitations to make more space for self confidence... «An Air of Gold» is an inspiration for hope, perseverance and the quest for ourselves...

À Saveurs Orientales - Marie Trezanini

À Saveurs orientales

« À Saveurs orientales » is a show that features the musical richness of the East. We experience the festive folklore of Yemen and the Maghreb, we inebriate ourselves with khalijis rythmes as we savour today's popular music from Lebanon, Algeria and Egypt. Author, composer and interpret, Marie Trezanini offers original compositions made up of captivating melodies and dances - which all make for a festive and sensual show! Exotic, colourful and energetic, this show is a trip under the sun which marries traditional chants and popular music.